Welcome! My name is Matt Bowes and I’m a British tech blogger and IT proffessional, currently based in New Delhi, India.

I’ve been blogging since 2009 when I founded the similarly named TechMadeEasy.co.uk.  This site started out as a way for me to help friends and colleagues en-masse with how-to guides of IT related tasks, but as I spent more time working on the site I attracted the interest of many major companies such as Acer, Antec, Fractal, Synology, Wondershare, Serif and more, who all started sending me stuff to review and give feedback on.

Before long I was being invited to seminars and press days and had more free samples thrown at me than I knew what to do with, so I enlisted the help of friends and colleagues to write for me on the original TechMadeEasy.

I say “original” because this site is not that site.  In 2014 I moved to overseas for work.  Invites to conferences and samples through the post dried up, and a new day job and a growing family meant that I didn’t have much time for blogging anymore.  Then, in 2016 I made the terrible mistake of letting the lease on the TechMadeEasy.co.uk domain expire, and it was promptly snapped up by persons unknown.

They’ve since rolled their own version of Tech Made Easy, which I’ve looked at and I think it’s great.  My “NEW” version of Tech Made Easy is not an attempt to compete with them, my hope is to give people even more content, and two sites where they can go for help should they need it.

I’ll be posting new how-to guides, reviews and news on this site as often as I can, and in time I hope it becomes as successful as my original site.  You can check out the content on this site broken down by category at the top of the page.  You can also check out my social media channels by clicking on the icons in the top right of the page.


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